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Welcome To UnderWay

Welcome to the development blog for our upcoming graffiti-themed video game, Underway. We are a team of passionate and dedicated French indie developers who have been working tirelessly in our free time to bring this project to life. Our goal is to create a unique and immersive gaming experience that celebrates graffiti and allows players to express themselves in new and exciting ways. With its vibrant urban environments, multiplayer features, and intuitive gameplay mechanics, Underway promises to offer players a truly unforgettable experience. Join us on our journey as we bring this game to life, and follow along with our updates to see how we’re making progress.

Dev Blog 0.6

Foliage & Color 

We got some some exciting development news for you ! We’re excited to share with you the latest updates on our project. 
One of the most striking aspects of our game is the implmentation of foliage, such as trees, grass and plants. We wanted to creat a rich and immersive environment that players could explore and interact with, and adding foliage was a big part of achieving that goal.

Another area we focused on was modifying textures for graffiti. We wanted to give players a wide range of options to customize their in-game graffiti, so we spent a lot of time creating new textures and experimenting with different styles. 

We also added numerous colors and brushes for the spray paint cans, giving players even more creative freedom.  We believe that giving players the ability to express themselves through their graffiti is an important part of the game experience. 

Finally, we worked on optimizing the buildings in the game. This involved streamlining the geometry and textures to improve performance, as well as ensuring that the buildings were interesting and varied to explore. 

Overall, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made on our game and we can’t wait for players to experience it for themselves. Stay tuned for more updates in the future! 

Dev Blog 0.5

Inventory & vehicles


We got some some exciting development news for you !

The team is still working hard to deliver you an enjoya &ble base gameplay, within the deadline.
A new assistant developer has joined the team, Lelion, who is working on various side mechanims on the game. 

Vakeros has added an immersive inventory system that will allow you to navigate through your items like in real life.  This is an animated backpack, in which you will see live, every items that you have including the paint cans. We delimitated a part of the map that will be available for the first public release, and we have started working on its optimisation for low specs configs. We’re now filling it with the most features possible to bring you a clear insight on what we aim to achieve for the core and side gameplay.

The next step will be to finish the HLOD optimization (Hierarchical Level Of Detail). We also added vehicles! Alone or with your friends, if you’re tired of the subway, take the highway! We have also prepared some exclusive ingame captures that you will discover very quickly.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned.

Dev Blog 0.4

Multiplayer graffiti & Map

Vakeros, a developer from Belgium recently joined us in Montpellier (south of France), where we’re looking forward to open our own office during Q2-Q4 2023.

The whole team was able to create a real-time, persistent, multiplayer graffiti system. This whole system was a challenge to develop, because of the necessity to limit the memory usage, and make it replicated to all players without a stutter.

The team managed to put together an efficient system that will provide one essential feature in the gameplay, but there’s still room for improvement. In order to make it fully usable in the open-world, we still have some work to do, changing everything already implemented into this new set of objects, and test it thoroughly. Regarding the world design, we started to divide the 22km² open-world map into a subset of sub-levels which will allow us to work more efficiently and generate HLOD for optimization of both buildings, and items.

The map is one of ours most important WIP, and we’ll make sure to focus on having a fully designed limited area for the pre-alpha. With all those new developments, the project is starting to reach its promises. In Q2 2023, we plan to release the first pre-alpha, with a limited subset of multiplayer features, in order to validate all the work we’ve already done. For now, we’re thinking about selling it for a symbolic price, which will help us to pursue the goal of bringing you a well polished game! See you at the next Dev’Blog, take care and see you soon!

Dev Blog 0.3

Holidays & climb system

Since the previous Dev’Blog, we’ve been able to take some time off. In a reminder, the whole team is volunteer and needed some rest.
The game development resumed in Q3 2022 and we managed to fix the climb system, which is complex to implement, and being a central part of the gameplay, has to be done flawlessly.
3 people joined the team to work on new differents gameplay mechanics.
Osman, an experienced developer who is new on UE4, has joined the team. After some times, he managed to introduce the basis for a real subway system, which will be a part of the gameplay. In order to make it more suited for a massive multiplayer open-world, there’s still optimization that has to be done, and for that, he will need to rewrite what was already done into a more efficient C++ module.
A big thank you to him for his commitment!
Shadow57 joined the team and is working on the character design and animations, along with Lbrochet. Thanks to both of you for your help!

Dev Blog 0.2

Multiplayer graffiti & Map

Neysara, a new developer, joins the long journey to help us on the character design. Character design will be her first priority. In term of gameplay mechanics, we’re thinking about a simple eating routine, that will impact the heal and stamina regeneration of the player. Nova, an other developer, has therefore modeled a store, where it will be possible to buy food (or steal it !!). Amnedge contributed a lot to the creation of the graffiti system, saved and synchronized between each player. It was very complex to set up, but « our devs have talent ! » The test phases of all those new features are very promising for the future! We’re still improving the inventory system, for example, each spray can will have a limited amount of paint that it can contain. Artoume is also helping us a lot with the Steam page and the website. Finally, Xadaa the intern continues to strengthen his skills on animation. Special mention for Benja the co-owner of iolaCorp, who helps us with his strong experience in level designing. Stay tuned for the next DevBlog.

Dev Blog 0.1

Working on metro stations & tunnels


As you can see, we are in the process of modeling tunnels and subways, but we can’t communicate to you why for the moment, I think that people in the graffiti community are feeling a few good things coming! modeled by Ibra. 3D model & character animation After long and intense weeks of work, our dev Vakeros has finally succeeded in setting up the climbing system ! The dedicated animations will be added soon ! In order to make the feet and hands stick to the blocks correctly, Reverse Kinematics will also be added.